Create and Manage Bookings 📆

Managing bookings via scheduling view (recommended)

  • Managing events, performances and entertainer schedules across numerous venues without breaking a sweat or having multiple tabs open. Sounds like a dream? Well, the dream is now a reality with our new schedule view for agents. To get started, click the Surreal logo in the top left corner and then click on your agency name.
  • Interactive demo here (recommended)

Adding events / performances

1. Hover over the cell for the venue and date you wish to add an event, then click "Add event"

    • Click directly on event if one has previously been created by either yourself or the venue. Simply add in the performances to it.

2. After you've picked your event date, specified whether this is a recurring events series and added your event title, the next step is to add in your performances.

3. You will need to add in the set times of the entertainers, the rates you have agreed with them and add your agency rates which can be either a flat rate, percentage or hourly rate.

Performance Status:

A. Draft: Creates a placeholder event without notifying the entertainer. These are often created as template when you aren't sure yet who to extend your offer to.

B. Offer: Sends an offer to the entertainer for them to accept. The entertainer must accept this offer for it to change to confirmed status so keep an eye on your performance view and you will receive an email notification.

C. Confirmed: Only use when the entertainer has already agreed to perform and they have agreed to the rates and set times.

Making adjustments to performances

  • Changes to performances on event nights may occur, requiring adjustments for accurate payments. Entertainers and venue staff should promptly communicate any alterations.
  • Performance adjustments can be made up until the venue initiates performances for payment, after which no changes can be applied. Please contact for any changes missed.
  • Agents and Venues are advised to log into Surreal on Mondays /Tuesdays for post-performance adjustments.
  • To make adjustments, navigate to your "Scheduling" screen via clicking the Surreal logo (top left) and then click your agency name. From there simply click on any performance that needs altering, then make the required changes.

There are a few different reasons an adjustment may be needed:

  1. Extended set times:

If the entertainer played a longer set than had been booked, it may have been to cover for the late arrival of the next act or just because the crowd wouldn't let them finish ("one more, one more!").

Payment amounts are locked in when confirmed/offer accepted. If set up using the per hour rate, the payment total will automatically update when start and/or end time is updated. (Make sure to update the total manually if the performance was set to flat rate.)

  1. Payment rate changed:

Negotiated a different rate with the entertainer? Make sure you update the performance to reflect the change to the payment total.

  1. No-Show Entertainer:

If unable to make it, Entertainers should cancel their performance from their profile in Surreal as well as letting you and the venue team know. If they've let you know they are unwell but not cancelled the booking, you can cancel the performance and let everyone know.

  1. Last minute Entertainer replacement:

If someone else stepped in and completed the set with late notice, the Venue can adjust the booking in their payments tab to swap artists prior to invoicing, so it will reflect correct details.

Pre vs Post adjustments: keeping track

If adjusting a confirmed performance before the start time an automated notification will be sent to the Entertainer.

Once the event has taken place, adjustment notes are required if booking details are changed by venue staff. Notes can be viewed by Agents and Entertainers within the gig invoice.

Video guide

Managing bookings via individual venue calendars

  • Alternatively, you can manage the bookings at an individual venue level by via your drop down menu (click your agency name top left) where you can simply select the venue you want to create and add performances for.
  • You'll be able to scroll between calendar months to view past, current and future events and their status. You'll also be able to search by performance status and your entertainers name.
  • Any performances you create will have an agent icon next to it with your name. Your agency rates are completely hidden from the venue and they will only be able to see the total amount.

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